You know you’re obsessed.

Hi Dee’s

you know my earlier post girl power this is a very funny post thing i found which proves i’m obsessed with the Tamora Peirce books here you go!:

  • You can recite paragraphs out of her books word for wordImage of Sword
  • You use saying from the books ex. ‘odds bobs!’
  • You wear purple contact lenses
  • You will only get a cat with purple eyes
  • When you get called out of class because you are getting picked up early from school, you walk in and quickly say, ‘I fell down!’
  • You try to control the weather
  • You carry around a sword for years, then at the end you lock yourself in the basement and pretend to endure mass amounts of pain silently
  • You cut your hair short, refer to yourself as the male form of your name, insist that you go to an all boys school, and only tell a select few that you’re really a girl
  • You wont even think of deeming a guy worthy of you if he isn’t named George, Jon, Numair, Cleon, Liam, Nawat, or Dom
  • You insist on calling your history teacher Sir Myles
  • You draw a lioness on your brother’s toy shield and confiscate it and his toy sword claiming you’ve earned them and then carry them around with you
  • You have your own toy shield and sword
  • You get up at dawn to practice the art of Shang Fighting
  • When you’re asked where you are from you resond, ‘Tortall’ and just smile
  • You can answer and quiz about the books and pass without ever looking at a book
  • You refuse to go near anyone named Roger
  • When you get a fever you are convinced that you are going to die because you think you have the sweating sickness, inwardly your curse Roger
  • You fear mister roger(s)
  • You claim that you can talk to your cat
  • You’re completely convinced that Jackie Chan is a Shang Warrior
  • You walk around making everybody call you Alanna, Kel, Alianne, or Daine
  • You mention your favorite Tamora Pierce character, everyone in the room fleas
  • You go to her book signings, drop to the floor bowing, making your head touch the floor out of respect
  • You walk into a bookstore and you need to find one of her books even though you already have it
  • You go camping just so you can have a fire to look into on the off chance that you will see something
  • You pretend that you are Alanna or Kel practicing falling whenever you fall
  • You re-write songs, changing the words into ones that have to do with the books
  • You spend hours looking up Tamora Pierce Websites
  • You create a website
  • You are really enjoying reading this
  • You ace your medeival unit in school due to your broad knowledge of it from the books
  • Your screen name or e-mail has to do with her books
  • You have to get the new book the day it comes out
  • You can think of new ones off the top of your head
  • You read Tortallian fan fiction
  • You write it
  • You have fictional conversations conserning TP’s character with your friends for hours
  • You hassel everyone you know to read the books
  • You wish that you lived in Tortall and were best buds with your fav. character

Some visitor submissions:
(from Lady Charlotte):

  • You reread every book at least twice a year, mostly more
  • You Google Image search characters from the book to see if other people imagined them like you do (which is actually how I stumbled across your site)
  • You imagine yourself with Jon, George, Numair, Dom etc etc…
  • You buy merchandise off the internet and insist on using it ALL the time
  • You go on the Tamora Pierce website and find out when her next books are coming out (Numair-the early years!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!)
  • You name your cat Scamp(that was my friend), and consider naming your children after the characters…

Byeeeeee Deeeeeee’ssssssssssss



Girl power (for older dee’s)

Hi dee’s!

Are you unhealthily obsessed with girl power books set in the middle ages? (no modern day books here) then i got a perfect list for you!
then turn on the Katy Perry and look at you library cos i’m gonna show you the best books in the world here’s the list of the ones i have infront of me now i’ll make the ones i don’t have in front of me bold:

Tamora peirce (the best girl power writer ever)
the song of the lioness

Alanna The First Adventure, In The Hand Of The Goddess, The Woman Who Rides Like A Man, Lioness Rampant

the immortals

Wild Magic, Wolf Speaker. The Emperor Mage, The Realms Of The Gods.

The Protector Of The Small

First test, Page, Squire, Lady Knight.

Okay now i explain the books…
The Song Of The Lioness: Alanna doesn’t want to be a lady so she and her twin brother Thom switch places and Thom becomes a sorcerer and Alanna has a lot of adventures (won’t tell you if  she passes the ordeal or not cos then I’d spoil the whole thing.)

Immortals: Daine is a young girl from Galla she comes to Tortall and gets a job with the hostler for the queens riders  she is an orphan and she doesn’t know she has Wild Magic until a black robed mage Numair Salmalin (sal-mar-leen) tells her and she has loads of adventure with a bit of romance (my fave)

Protector Of The Small: Keladry of Mindealan wants to follow in her heros foot steps (Alanna) and be the first known girl knight but all the boys and the training master and the king  don’t want her to (in a way) what’ll she do?..

Patrica C. Wrede

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Dealing with dragons, Searching For Dragons, Calling On Dragons, Talking To Dragons.

The books:

Dealing With Dragons: Princess Cimorene really doesn’t like being a princess so she runs away to live with a dragon named Kazul, But everyone wants her to go home and then she runs into some wizards and things get bad…

Searching For Dragons: Mendanbar is a king who doesn’t want to be a king (surprise surprise) after finding a burnt part of the forest he goes to the dragons unfortunately Kazul is kidnapped and they don’t know what to do, I love this one it’s romantic!

Calling On Dragons:Princess Cimorene is now Queen Cimorene  and the evil wizards are trying to take over the Enchanted Forest (surprise surprise) and Cimorene with the help of not so witchy witch a magician two cats a dragon and a six foot blue flying donkey named Killer (?) have to go out to save the Enchanted Forest.

Talking To Dragons: Daystar is a prince who doesn’t know he’s a prince (that is not a spoiler) and he has to  with a magic sword and a feisty dragon and a bee-yoo-ty-ful Fire witch (the beautiful part is mine) find out what on earth he is doing well actually he’s trying to save his dad sooo…. oh and everyone he meets knows who he is… dun dun dun!

there is also..: Ella Enachanted: Ella is a merchants daughter when she was born she was “gifted” with obedience “if it’s hop on one foot for a day and a half or chopping of her own head Ella has to obey. But Strong ella doesn’t accept her fate meekly” that is my general attemt of a quote from the back of the book anyway she comes alot of troubles when her mum dies and that incudes saving the prince char (does this sound familliar) wit the hinderers of step sisters and mum and a zillion trols and other stuff Ella has to find a way to remove her curse.

That is my fave girl power middle ages books my modern day ones will be up soon!