You need to see these Cute Cats 

Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat
Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat

now more cats.

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do you know why i’ve done this? the cat is sitting on dads printer behind me.

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this next one i made.

cat meme.jpg


well that was cute.






facts 1



Hi people!

this is 20 lies you have probably believed once.

  1. if you cut a worm in half your just cutting a worm in half
  2. viking helmets don’t have horns
  3. bats aren’t blind
  4. Napoleon is the average height for his time.
  5. glass is solid if you see old glass it’s thicker on the bottom some say it is because glass is a really cool liquid. no people were just terrible at making glass back then
  6. goldfishes have more than three seconds of memory
  7. consuming vitamin C won’t repel colds just make the one you have better.
  8. vaccination will not give you autism.
  9. gum doesn’t stay in your gut for longer.
  10. (i believed this one) taste isn’t divided into separate parts it’s mix matched quite evenly.
  11. blood is always red because of the iron in it it’s only blue when oxygenated.
  12. eating an hour before swimming will not make it more likely to drown or get cramps.
  13. great white sharks don’t mistake humans for seals
  14. ostriches don’t stick their heads in the sand to hide from enemy’s.
  15. bulls aren’t enraged by the color red, they can’t even see it.
  16. sharks can get cancer.
  17. daddy long legs aren’t the most poisonous spiders in the world. i actually picked one up once errrggg *shivers*. they can’t harm you because their pincers are to small.
  18. there are no alligators in the sewers.
  19. some people can lick their elbows and nose.
  20. cracking your knuckles won’t make it more likely to give you arthritis. parents made it up to stop you being annoying.

there you go guys!



December Q & A


I have a new “hello” yay!
next month i am having a Q&A please do not ask Crush questions coz i don’t have a  real life crush.

ask questions like “who is your fave male celeb.” or “would you rather break your wrist or dye your hair.” the answers are Passenger and break my wrist i’d die if my hair was any color except brown.

love you just ask my questions in the comments.
i’ll answer in December.



October favorite.

Hello everyone! Recently I have presented to my class at school Positive Mind for an assessed assignment for Health and English were we all had a different health topic each. We researched about and put together a brochure and created a backboard display. We also had to present an Oral presentation. My beautiful teacher Miss. Longey gave me the topic positive mind. We were given ten weeks to prepare this and a couple of weeks ago we had presented. This was the funnest assignment I have ever done and I really hope that I will get to do one similar in future.

I am going to go through my notes and que cards to share with you that I had prepared. Most of these things I have already talked about on my blog. Here we go:

  • Hello everyone! Today I will be presenting to you positive mind. Life has it’s ups and downs and that’s inevitable but it’s how you deal with those downs that get you back to the ups. Positive Mind won’t take away all the negatives in your life but what it will do is help you on the journey to get back up.
  • Having a positive mind will effect your whole life, the decisions you take, your happiness, the people around you. It will improve your positive thinking, constructive thinking, creative thinking and will give you the motivation and energy to do things and accomplish goals.
  • One everyday strategy that you can do is list five positive things about the situation at hand. This will help you have a clearer view of the situation and help you avoid stressing about this.
  • Stressing isn’t going to help you or anyone. It does’t solve anything and something that my dad always reminds me of is ‘The time that you are spending stressing is time that you could be spending actually DOING the work’.
  • The key to getting into the habit of having a positive mind and thoughts is making the small changes because believe it or not it’s the small changes that are going to get you that positive mind. So what I mean by small changes is doing the 365 challenge, listing five positive things about a negative situation and saying ‘Better luck next time’ If your sports team loses.
  • One thing that you can do is go for a walk. This has a similar effect as meditation because meditation allows thoughts but does not allow you to follow them and with walking you are allowing yourself to have thoughts and follow them but in a calm and stress-free manner. It gives you the time and space to calmly and constructively think and go through your worries and problems in a positive and healthy way. It also releases Endorphins that will make you happier throughout the day as well as relaxed and calm.
  • There are lots of apps out there for you to try. Meditations helps you sleep, calms you, settles frustration and stress during the day. One thing that I have found is you can mute the voice so that there is just the calming nature sound and you can imagine yourself at that place.
  • Interactive meditation activity; Practically what I did here was get my class to all think of a negative situation in there lives. Then I went through a meditation and after I got them all to reflect upon it in a more positive light. I told the class to list five positive things about the negative situation.
  • Living is amazing and we were given this gift of life and what we have to do is use it wisely. 

Most of what I have written here is out of memory of what I said because eon my que cards there are just some ‘jot note’ reminders. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions about positive mind or the assignment then please comment below. Keep being positive, smiling and scrolling.

Hi Dee’s!

me’n Georgia have decided to do monthly favorites from eachothers blogs this is my favorite from October  on her blog and i’ll tell her to pick her fave from mine.

love you dees and love you Georgia!