Merry Christmas!


The End


DIY Mobile


Soooo… Today I will teach you to make a personalized…  hoop with pictures. . . (I forgot the name!)  (baby’s have them) (mobile!)

So first get some wire (I stole some from my mum) Also get pens, pencils, crayon’s, texta’s and what ever you want. Some paper, string,  sticky tape and some scissors/wire cutters .

Step no. 1  Cut some wire.

Step no. 2 Fold it in to a shape, i picked a cat head.

Step no. 3 Get your paper and carefully stick the wire shape to the paper so the sticky tape isn’t touching the inside of the wire.

Step no. 4 .Draw and colour in you picture inside the bounds.

Step no. 5  Cut out the shape with your scissors and tape it up onto the wire now you can cover the picture.

Step no. 6 Tie some part of the wire to the string (..?)

Step no. 7. Repeat all steps until satisfied with amount.

Step no. 8. Make a big hoop and tie all strings to it.

Step no. 9. Tie more string and tie it to something to hold it up.

And there you go you got a mobile!

Love ya!


Code snswer.

this is the answer to A secret code if you haven’t looked at that don’t keep reading. now comment you answer and keep reading.

The code is every two letters are backwards this is the easy one and there is a harder one too which i tell the answer of tomorrow. the words say:

I made this code it’s easy to crack if you knowhow to. I made this so you had a fun thing to do. I hope you enjoy reading this share the code with your friends byeeeeee!

there you go i know i said I’d tell you the answer in a week but i was bored. How do you like my diary posts? answer in the comments! bye!


Diary 2

dear diary.

today was the last day of guides for the year. i have a new teddy bear named Fairy she had a girl guides jumper and she’s so soft and she’s brown/white like white chocolate.

it was fun and i loved it. i’m going to miss Georgia who is going to high school and i wont see her at guides anymore.

so i’m dedicating this post to Georgia i’ll miss you!

thanks for listening diary.










no. two code.

okay so i seem to have gotten a new follower who has asked me to”keep it up.” so i made this the code word is “love.” you work it out.

Wr er cry njmf jx Girlydreamers0? J irsf cry er.

The “Cry”s  they wern’t meant to be a word they are a completely different one.

this is for girlydreamer0 so love you and for a while any new followers who comment on a post i will make a second one dedicated to her. (if it’s a “he” then go away dude this is a girl site!)



pointless facts 1

  1. bottle nosed dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom.
  2. This is a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships. I let you think about that.
  3. there is a twitter acount called Big_Ben_Clock and it tweets “BONG BONG BONG.” every hour and it’s done it since 2009!
  4. 50% of our DNA is the same as a banana. Couch potatoes share 70%.
  5. unborn babies can thumbs up in the womb… AWSOME!
  6. Otters fall asleep holding hands.
  7. Guide dogs can go against their owners orders if they think it unsafe. that is intelligent disobedience.
  8. if you search then search “Askew” the screen goes upside down.
  9. there are not only radar detectors but there are radar detector detector’s and even radar detector detector detectors!
  10. Elephants remember and mourn there dead ones even years after their deaths.

And now you are a little bit smarter yay! someday you may need these facts who knows maybe someone really needs to laugh just show no.2 and no.3 and no.9, that should cheer them up!

Bye Dee’s!



Dear diary.

Today i’ve decided to make a Diary on my blog so people know my daily life and can stalk me….

i’ve decided to make a trailer/slide show for my blog i’ll upload it tomorrow.

bye Diary!

A Secret Code

Dee’s i have a code which i need you to crack it says;

i amed htsi oced ti si aeys ot rccak fi oyu nkwo ohw ot. i amed htsi  os oyu ahd a ufn htnig ot od. i ohep oyu neojy erdanig htsi. hsrae hte oced iwht oyru rfeidns. ybeeeeee!

in a week i shall post the answer if you crack the code before then comment on the post if you did.



Q & A Answers.


i got one question from Georgia. it is; “would you rather scream every time you fell asleep or fall asleep every time you sleeped?😝 It’s a hard question, tell me your answer.” okay Georgia i have kind of translated that if i screamed i would wake back up but if slept every time i slept i’d never wake up. i think i pick sleep every time i slept coz mum would wake me up.

i think i’ll do a January one too, make this a monthly thing. ask questions i would love more than one question.

Bye Dee’s!