“I’m fat.” Rant.

okay i found this on http://samanthaswords.tumblr.com/ and my replie to this is i am fat i have not lost my baby fat, my mum is fat (because she has had three children) we are both gorgeous and this is just yet another reason i love my body because people like this will stand up for us  of course i’m not married and i’m not short (i have just stolen my dad’s bike and my feet are to big for mum’s shoes) so if you don’t like getting called fat okay i can’t change that but i can tell you even if you looked like a lamp post i’d still find something beautiful about you. during the school holidays i was going to the pool in Hobart with some friends and i was so annoyed when my friend (who’s one of the most beautiful girls i’ve ever met) was calling her self fat her figure was perfectly flat and i looked down at myself and thought who gives a F*****g damn you’re perfect not fat. she acctualy goes to guides with me and she is new (simply saying that so my friends know who i’m talking about) so i just want to say I DON’T GIVE A SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA THAT YOU THINK YOU’RE FAT YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT ANYWAY!
you know while i’m ranting about beautiful girls i know (inside and out) i’d would like to say that the most lovely girl (not woman cos that’s my mum and guide leader) i’ve ever met is reading my blog now (i hope) and she is Georgia from
PlanetGeorgia.net so ultimate shout out to her!

Samantha swords is a female sword fighter and you can check her out with the Tumblr link i gave http://samanthaswords.tumblr.com/ .




The right shade.

Hi Dee’s!

I have really dark skin but i’m white and i love pink lipstick but i’ve noticed that i can’t wear light pink lipstick i want to know how to tell what shade i can use here are some tips.

  1. if you wear light pink and you look stupid then it’s wrong.
  2. if you have really light skin you’ll probably look stupid with light colours.
  3. if you wear blue or black don’t.

here you go Dee’s BYEEEEEEEEEEEE


curly hair (for strait haired people)

Hi Dee’s

Do you have strait hair and love your hair but now and then want curly hair for a bit? (yes!)
Here’s what you do:
What you need: a mettle stick  (scissors will do) A lit fire.

  1. put the stick or scissors  in front of the fire.
  2. twist up the hair you want to be curly and put the stick at the bottom.
  3. twist the stick up the hair.
  4. and hold it a bit.
  5. take out your hair and it should look good!

thank you for reading sorry if  this dosen’t work don’t blame me!



What make up I use.

HI Dee’s

as i’ve said before I am OBSESSED with ulta3!

today i bought blush and i love it!!!!!!!

I am going to take a photo of my my makeup box and name everything!

okay number one picture is. my blush it’s ulta3 blush.

no. tow picture is.  lacura barely there cookie candy floss and cream I think…

no. three pictrure is. ulta3 nail colour sizzling red, ulta3 nail colour atomic oj, utlta3 nail colour  show stopper and ulta3 nail colour over the rainbow.

no. three  picture. my home made lip gloss.

no. four picture. ulta cherry wine ulta3 plum velvet ulta3 silver pink. 

no. six  picture.  some sort of lip shine i got from a magazine.

no. seven/eight picture. a paint brush and ulta3 lipliner pink.

no. nine picture.  organic care kids detangling conditioning spray.

the end byeeeeeeeeeee


5 tips for brushing hair (painless)

HI Dee’s.

i brush my hair painlessly and you can too this is how.

  1. using a comb get the knotty part of you hair and brush the ends lightly slowly working till the ends are free
  2. working up with the comb until it hurts then get the brush  and hold the top of the part you’re brushing so tight you can’t fell the pain
  3. now to the sides brush and follow the tips i gave you before
  4. bobby pin you hair out of your face and put it up in a pony tail or whatever
  5. at night braid your hair not only will you get crinkles (cuuute!) it will be less knotty

this is how to brush you hair and keep it easy love ya’ll


Find a way to paint nails.

hi all ya dee’s.

I am looking at my hands and I’m like “grrrr damn you why can’t I paint my right hand as good as my left”  this is a problem because I can’t afford to get a nail salon, and I don’t live near any. so lets paint nails I love the sizzling red ulta3  I am in love with ulta3 is it just me I get the nail polish and the lipstick and I’m saving up for mascara. my bff Carly got me show stopper ulta3 I love this colour with the red.

so this is my opinion on painting my own nails of course toe nails aren’t bad so yay!