14 More Facts About Me.

Hi guys, this is a pre written post I am currently on holiday! so I won’t be posting! but…. I may write more pre-written ones.

14 More Facts About Me!

  1.  I am a youtuber. and I stink at it, though I am working on a new seiries but I am the bat pup if you want to find me.
  2. My real name is Dajanna, but I don’t like my name, so I call myself Dianna.
  3. my name starts with the name of one of my favourite characters by Tamora Pierce, (Daja) from Circle of Magic Circle Opens and Circle Reforged so on so forth.
  4. I am surprised I have more than one follower, because really, I am very boring, unfortunately some of my followers are full grown men, and this is aimed for tween girls.
  5. I can’t currently do many things on the internet, because of some lies and mistakes that result in us having little to no internet.
  6. my little brother Austin has a phone and I don’t
  7. I don’t understand the point of twitter, because why does the world need to know what your eating?
  8. I believe in  ghosts spirits so on and so fourth. and I wan’t to use a ouija board (Because I am mad.) even though I know perfectly well that Ouija boards are crazy dangerous.
  9. I want to do more things with you guys on this blog, but you won’t talk to me!
  10. I feel like I am talking to myself now…
  11. my favourite youtuber is Aphmau, and only my brother knows who she is out of all my friends.
  12. I love Nightcore, even though my mum says they sound like a helium chipmunk.
  13. I have run out of things to write…
  14. this was going to be twenty except well you know I am out of ideas.

Okay guys that was 14 facts about me, it’s not even a round number.

have a lovely love love day!




More things to do when you’re bored.

So yes guys, I said I’d post this on Monday but I underestimated how tired I’d be. But none the less let’s get strait into this.

Ten More Things To Do When Your Bored.

  1. Ride your bike, until your legs hurt.
  2. Become a YouTuber, Then forget you own a YouTube channel.
  3. Start a role play in Minecraft, to put on said YouTube channel.
  4. Go exploring, In your back yard, because you have no idea what is out there.
  5. Try to skip rope a hundred times, and fail miserably.
  6. Take up circus-ing, If that is even a real word.
  7. Read a random book off your bookshelf, and realise it’s genre is the one you hate.
  8. Binge watch your favourite YouTuber.
  9. Find new music to listen to, Which I can’t do because I can’t use YouTube.
  10. Play truth or dare, with your teddy bears.

So yeah most of these I can’t do I can do the bike one though and at 11 am I will be doing the role play one, but I can’t upload because our internet is being useless.

but still, I hope you have a lovely love love day!


Things To Do When Your Bored

soooo…. I am so bored that I’m going online and watching videos about being bored and now I am so bored of being bored and I know I have things to do but those things are so boring that I can’t even… (I am going camping!!!!) so for those bored people of boredtopia (Population me) I have something for you. . .

Ten Things To Do When You’re Bored.

  1. Go on youtube and just randomly start listening to music and Dance. . . (Nothing much more to it)
  2. EAT, because eating cures everything!
  3. go on Akinator and guess yourself (Let’s see how many times this’ll get it right… and if it can find your twin)
  4. go camping… in your back yard… so yeah I am going camping on a girl guides and Scouts camp for the weekend but still I can camp in my back yard too! get a tarpaulin, some poles and a lot of rope, and make a tent. Then get a sleeping bag a few stick some rocks and a teddy bear  make a pretend fire and pretend to be an explorer. (I have done this alot, it’s fun.)
  5. do a personality test about your favourite TV show/movie  and get really frustrated because it said you are most like your least favourite character.
  6. make a board themed around  your favourite animal. get a cork board and draw photos and print out pictures of squirrles or whatever then when you’re done you have to ask yourself “Why did I do this again?” and go back to doing weird personality tests on Buzz Feed.
  7.  pretend to be a spy! And walk around hiding (Behind trees or in plain sight.) and learn everything about everything.
  8. Have a photo shoot. with your phone or camera (Or webcam)  dress up like the easter bunny and Tinker bell and take photos easy!
  9. watch videos about being bored on youtube.
  10. Write about being bored on social media because the world needs to know.

Your welcome! and now I will do none of these because I have to go and make a Bedroll and pack so later!

I am going to be posting again on Monday if I remember (Which I probably wont.)