Fake Friends

Hi Dees

So people who know me probably know me as being fun out going confident and bubbly in personality.

lately that has changed.

I have this amazing friend I won’t say her name so we’ll call her Dan.

Dan is amazing I love her, but my friend has brought it to my attention that she is acting like a fake friend.

here are a few things she is doing.

  • Excluding me.
    She is my online friend (I am rapidly losing real life ones and I don’t particularly care) so we skype a lot, and I stay up late to hang with her (She’s American and I’m Australian.) but she’s started not spending time with me as much., (It’s school holidays for her so that’s not an excuse) this may seem stupid but we’ve been skyping for hours on end before.
  • Sharing secrets,
    this one isn’t only me she shares a lot of peoples secrets, usually, crushes.
  • hurtful actions.
    Speaking of crushes, she has gotten a crush on my crush (We’ll call him Eli or something) anyway, we actually met because of Eli so yeah that’s cool, but the main thing is, she knows I like him, but she’s told him I like him, she’s sent me pictures of him, and Dan has done worse. so yes yadda yadda he also is American blah blah yes he is an online crush.
    and he doesn’t online date, I have accepted this and I’m just waiting for my heart to catch up. anyways Dan also knows this, and she will send me photo proof and generally be hurtful about that.
  • She doesn’t listen to me.
    I will tell her my problems, maybe even be having fun joking around, but she always seems to be listening to music, or on music.ly  or snapchatting or anything! and she’s never listening to me.

I really do love Dan and I don’t know what to do, she’s an amazing friend, just I’ve been noticing these things.

please I need some advice on this. just anything. please I need something.

Thanks for reading this, I need some help.

I love you guys thank you so much in advance.



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