DIY Mobile


Soooo… Today I will teach you to make a personalized…  hoop with pictures. . . (I forgot the name!)  (baby’s have them) (mobile!)

So first get some wire (I stole some from my mum) Also get pens, pencils, crayon’s, texta’s and what ever you want. Some paper, string,  sticky tape and some scissors/wire cutters .

Step no. 1  Cut some wire.

Step no. 2 Fold it in to a shape, i picked a cat head.

Step no. 3 Get your paper and carefully stick the wire shape to the paper so the sticky tape isn’t touching the inside of the wire.

Step no. 4 .Draw and colour in you picture inside the bounds.

Step no. 5  Cut out the shape with your scissors and tape it up onto the wire now you can cover the picture.

Step no. 6 Tie some part of the wire to the string (..?)

Step no. 7. Repeat all steps until satisfied with amount.

Step no. 8. Make a big hoop and tie all strings to it.

Step no. 9. Tie more string and tie it to something to hold it up.

And there you go you got a mobile!

Love ya!



Easy peasy cat ears.

HI Dee’s.

today i’ll show you to make cat ears lets go.

you will need:

wire and scissors / wire cutters

step no. 1: cut enough wire to fit your head like a head band

step no. 2: bend the tops in to cat ears

step no. 3: bend the bottoms so it wont poke you

so there you go done! a pair of cat ears like Taylor Swift in ’22’