Things To Do On A Sleepover

Hi Dees’!  Everyone loves sleepovers but you can be very bored if you run out of ideas so I put together some for you!

  • Pillow Fight!!!!!!!!!! That’s enough for an Ahhhh-mazing fun game.
  • Karaoke. Okay this ones pretty easy to set up. you need a blank CD and a CD burning program, (Ask your mum or dad for help with burning it.) A computer and a list of all your fave songs, and lyrics to said songs Now find the Karaoke version of all your songs on youtube . Search Youtube converter and find a Youtube to mp3 converter. now follow the instructions to download all the songs and burn them on the disc now easy get a CD player and sing Karaoke all night!
  • silly truth or dare. You will need:  Balloons, Small pieces of paper, a pin or way to pop the balloons, a permanent marker and pen.
    Write  three truths and three dares for each person down on the paper.
    push the Paper in the balloons (two balloons  (One Truth one dare) Per Person)
    Now write the words Truth on the one you put the Truths in and Dare on the one you put the dares in.
    The person picks truth or dare and pops a balloon and someone picks one of the pieces of paper that’s what they do. for a bit more randomness mix them up so don’t pick truth or dare and don’t write on the balloons.
  • RANDOM DANCING! Enough said put your fave songs on (Maybe make a CD or get them on your music player.) And just dance and play music games (Musical Chairs,  Musical statues ECT) and the winner gets lollies!
  • Pass the Parcel! Get your mum or dad to put together a game of pass the parcel and pass it around to music get said parent to turn off the music randomly and who ever is holding it gets to pull off another layer which will have lollies or something and at the end can be whatever you like whoever pulls off the last wrapping and gets the present gets to keep it!
  •  Dress ups! I still love this game because it’s fun! get a lot of silly clothes and just go crazy with your friends (And whatever Dogs cats or teddy bears, come in to it.)
  • Puzzles! get board games and play, easy!
  • Watch a funny movie! because fun!

There you go fun things to do at a sleepover I hope you have fun!


game review – Ascension

Hi Dee’s!

here’s a game for older Dee’s i found and played (even though i’m technically not supposed to!) it’s a visual novel so it’s got a very interesting story line which is about a girl Aida who with her best friend Sky goes into a temple in “Ironmarsh” after a deadly experience with a puddle of black goop a horrible nightmare and meeting a “moon elven” mage and a dwarf and flying they go back to their camp to find a horrible surprise from the “Eagles” a horrid group of rouges who have stolen Sky’s mothers Journal and well, lets just say now Sky has no-one left from that camp. Aida Sky Zander the Moon Elf and Tillie the Dwarf  (along with the help of a drunken knight) have to get the journals from the Eagles and find out about Aida’s past…

it’s in three “chapters”  that was just the explanation for the first one you may find out the other two.

Creator: Rinmaru Games
Genres: Romance, Adventure, fantasy.
Two: http: //

Ages: i wouldn’t recommend under thirteen yr olds to play this of course being the ridiculous ten year old i am i played it any way age sixteen up for chapter three.

Warning: contains violence, swearing and mentions sex (sorry guys)

as i was saying i am a ridiculous ten year old with a streak of playing / reading thing for adults and teenagers, so don’t be like me and do things like me and actually listen to the age limits there is also fanfiction for it it’s that cool here is the fanfiction URL: there is only twenty seven fanfiction storys and they’re all different because you can change the ending and while you’re on the website look for Daine From Snowdale (that’s me!) and i have ascention fan fics coming!

there you go this was so much fun to write (probably cos i just replayed chapter one) and i really don’t want to stop but i have to byeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Okay guys I have the hotest game EVER! It’s called MineCraft.

IT’S SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game so much! play RIGHT NOW! Or you will regret it forever! So now it’s $20 and its a sandbox game and well I can’t explain it… 😛 XD here’s a video on minecraft, search “stamylonghead minecraft tutorial”  i don’t have the real thing because 😦 I can’t use youtube for the rest of the month… 😦

so bye guysssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!