Today is mine.

Source: Today is mine. okay Dee’s this is just fantabulous i can not find something that has made me this happy today so here we go. forever love this blog, thank you!



“I’m fat.” Rant.

okay i found this on and my replie to this is i am fat i have not lost my baby fat, my mum is fat (because she has had three children) we are both gorgeous and this is just yet another reason i love my body because people like this will stand up for us  of course i’m not married and i’m not short (i have just stolen my dad’s bike and my feet are to big for mum’s shoes) so if you don’t like getting called fat okay i can’t change that but i can tell you even if you looked like a lamp post i’d still find something beautiful about you. during the school holidays i was going to the pool in Hobart with some friends and i was so annoyed when my friend (who’s one of the most beautiful girls i’ve ever met) was calling her self fat her figure was perfectly flat and i looked down at myself and thought who gives a F*****g damn you’re perfect not fat. she acctualy goes to guides with me and she is new (simply saying that so my friends know who i’m talking about) so i just want to say I DON’T GIVE A SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA THAT YOU THINK YOU’RE FAT YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT ANYWAY!
you know while i’m ranting about beautiful girls i know (inside and out) i’d would like to say that the most lovely girl (not woman cos that’s my mum and guide leader) i’ve ever met is reading my blog now (i hope) and she is Georgia from so ultimate shout out to her!

Samantha swords is a female sword fighter and you can check her out with the Tumblr link i gave .



game review – Ascension

Hi Dee’s!

here’s a game for older Dee’s i found and played (even though i’m technically not supposed to!) it’s a visual novel so it’s got a very interesting story line which is about a girl Aida who with her best friend Sky goes into a temple in “Ironmarsh” after a deadly experience with a puddle of black goop a horrible nightmare and meeting a “moon elven” mage and a dwarf and flying they go back to their camp to find a horrible surprise from the “Eagles” a horrid group of rouges who have stolen Sky’s mothers Journal and well, lets just say now Sky has no-one left from that camp. Aida Sky Zander the Moon Elf and Tillie the Dwarf  (along with the help of a drunken knight) have to get the journals from the Eagles and find out about Aida’s past…

it’s in three “chapters”  that was just the explanation for the first one you may find out the other two.

Creator: Rinmaru Games
Genres: Romance, Adventure, fantasy.
Two: http: //

Ages: i wouldn’t recommend under thirteen yr olds to play this of course being the ridiculous ten year old i am i played it any way age sixteen up for chapter three.

Warning: contains violence, swearing and mentions sex (sorry guys)

as i was saying i am a ridiculous ten year old with a streak of playing / reading thing for adults and teenagers, so don’t be like me and do things like me and actually listen to the age limits there is also fanfiction for it it’s that cool here is the fanfiction URL: there is only twenty seven fanfiction storys and they’re all different because you can change the ending and while you’re on the website look for Daine From Snowdale (that’s me!) and i have ascention fan fics coming!

there you go this was so much fun to write (probably cos i just replayed chapter one) and i really don’t want to stop but i have to byeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


inspo story

Hi Dee’s!

here’s an inspirational story.  my insporational story is real life telling you that no matter what you’re beautiful even if you’re a bearded lady…

Harnaam Kaur – The Bearded Bride

Harnaam Kaur is a normal 23 year old woman with a normal life after she dicided to embrace her beard she has a condition which make her have too many hormones and she grew a beard at the age of 11, she tried to remove it ’till she was 17.

She told Rock N Roll Bride: ‘At the age of 16 I hit my biggest low. I had been suicidal all year due to immense bullying from school and people in society.

‘As I sat there, I started to counsel myself. I told myself: ‘The energy you are putting into ending your life, put all that energy into turning your life around and doing something better’.’

so she got baptised into Sikh a religion saying “you are beautiful don’t change that because your beauty what god wants” so she wasn’t alowwed to shave or cut her hair or anything, so she kept her beard.

not too long ago she got married and she was absolutely stunningly beautiful even with her beard.

people like this make me so happy you can see her Instagram here Harnaams Instagram.

there you go Dee’s the moral of this story is “YOU ARE GORGEOUS”



50 facts about me

Hi Dee’s!

this is 50 facts about me, Dianna.

  1.  i want to be an equestrian, astronomer, author and be in a circus
  2.  i have written a book and i’m planning on publishing it!
  3. i used to have a red henna streak.
  4. i have almost ALMOST no blonde friends except a few girl guide friends.
  5.  i can do bunnys and flowers in origami.
  6. i’m afraid of ants.
  7. i used to hate the colour green until one christmas when i got a green bag and a green skirt
  8. when i was three i watched bolt every morning and once i said:
    me: this is the last day i watch bolt mummy.
    Mum: you said that last week.
    me: i know i was lying.
  9. i’m dangerously obsessed with Peter Pan and How To Train Your Dragon.
  10. i’ve had a crush on a million fictional characters currently it’s Jim from Trixie Belden.
  11. i can sing  almost any  Taylor Swift song ever.
  12. i can juggle.
  13. i think it’s  stupid when ten year old’s have boyfriends.
  14. my motto is: who says you’re not perfect.
  15. i strangely obsessed with old Selena Gomez songs.
  16. i am wheat intolerant.
  17. it takes me 40 minutes to walk to my to my community centre  but i takes me 5 minutes to bike.
  18. i’m home schooled.
  19. i love maths but i stink at division.
  20. if i don’t get to spend an hour on my own i get grumpy.
  21. uneven things like a ton of little oysters on a rock or a rock with a ton of little holes in it make me sick.
  22. i love romance books but seeing kissing in movies and tv shows make me sick.
  23. one of my fave singers is Tracy Champman.
  24. my sister moved away five years ago and i haven’t seen her since Christmas.
  25. i play recorder guitar and i can sing (i may make a singing video dunno.)
  26. i’m scared of my family dying when i’m young.
  27. i had a phone when i was seven and it broke when i was nine.
  28. i’m terrible with a routine.
  29. i have only one book i like with a male lead Deltora Quest.
  30. i get upset when people tell me something i said was mean or something i don’t like being mean.
  31. i broke my little toe when i was three by chasing a pink balloon with a pig face drawn on it!
  32. i have insomnia.
  33. i’m obsessed with gaming.
  34. i talk to myself.
  35. once i dreamed i was dragged back into 1984 by two boys named Scott and Nick and they became my invisible friends like the cockatoo Casy (and i know that’s not how you spell it)
  36. i suck at eyeliner
  37. once my sister gave me make up and i looked like i was punched in the face for two days.
  38. my  fave Aussie artist is Iggy Azealia.
  39. i stink with big touch screens i broke THREE tablets by accident.
  40. i love red lipstick.
  41. i own way to many bags.
  42. i hate squeaky scratching noises.
  43. i hate it when older boys like me, and i know for a fact one does, poo.
  44. i hate advertising.
  45. i’m a Pisces and i have a picture for it.
  46. i don’t sleep with a clean bed it’s always covered with something.
  47. once me and my bro shared a bedroom and our room was so dirty we pulled out the shelf’s on our bookshelf so we had a path.
  48. i get attached to everything i own.
  49. i have a horrid guilty conscious.
  50. if  i get two likes i’ll make a singing karaoke thing.

there you go  fifty things about me later!



Hi  Dee’s!

i have just gotten an email from my friend at Planet Georgia and it made me so happy that she is so popular just because of my advertising (or telling you how epicly epic she is because i know her) and it made my day to know that she has gotten 84 views and i like to thank you all for cheacking her out this has made me so happy!



how music makes me feel (with songs to listen to)

Hi Dee’s!

This is a thing i based off a MyLifeAsEva thing (check her out) she did a how music makes you feel. this is how i feel to a few songs. i will name the songs i’m testing on .

Boppy (this is my name for pop)i felt:
cheerful, happy and wanting to dance (i’m using All About That Bass Meghan Trainor and Blue (doo Ba Dee) Effel 65)

Lullaby (if you ever listen to them)

(I’m using Lullaby Goodnight My Angel)Billy Joel )
i felt: sleepy, happy, sweet and childish.

Sad Pop (you know sad songs you really want to dance to)
umm… happy/sad? (i used Like I’m Gonna Lose You Meghan Trainor Ft John Legend)


(I used: Naturally Katy Perry) i felt: Jealous that i don’t have Katy Perry’s voice.

Girl Power (beat us boys!)

(i used: Roar Katy Perry) I felt: POWERFUL!

so there you go you may give me more ideas and i’ll make a no. 2!