You know you’re obsessed.

Hi Dee’s

you know my earlier post girl power this is a very funny post thing i found which proves i’m obsessed with the Tamora Peirce books here you go!:

  • You can recite paragraphs out of her books word for wordImage of Sword
  • You use saying from the books ex. ‘odds bobs!’
  • You wear purple contact lenses
  • You will only get a cat with purple eyes
  • When you get called out of class because you are getting picked up early from school, you walk in and quickly say, ‘I fell down!’
  • You try to control the weather
  • You carry around a sword for years, then at the end you lock yourself in the basement and pretend to endure mass amounts of pain silently
  • You cut your hair short, refer to yourself as the male form of your name, insist that you go to an all boys school, and only tell a select few that you’re really a girl
  • You wont even think of deeming a guy worthy of you if he isn’t named George, Jon, Numair, Cleon, Liam, Nawat, or Dom
  • You insist on calling your history teacher Sir Myles
  • You draw a lioness on your brother’s toy shield and confiscate it and his toy sword claiming you’ve earned them and then carry them around with you
  • You have your own toy shield and sword
  • You get up at dawn to practice the art of Shang Fighting
  • When you’re asked where you are from you resond, ‘Tortall’ and just smile
  • You can answer and quiz about the books and pass without ever looking at a book
  • You refuse to go near anyone named Roger
  • When you get a fever you are convinced that you are going to die because you think you have the sweating sickness, inwardly your curse Roger
  • You fear mister roger(s)
  • You claim that you can talk to your cat
  • You’re completely convinced that Jackie Chan is a Shang Warrior
  • You walk around making everybody call you Alanna, Kel, Alianne, or Daine
  • You mention your favorite Tamora Pierce character, everyone in the room fleas
  • You go to her book signings, drop to the floor bowing, making your head touch the floor out of respect
  • You walk into a bookstore and you need to find one of her books even though you already have it
  • You go camping just so you can have a fire to look into on the off chance that you will see something
  • You pretend that you are Alanna or Kel practicing falling whenever you fall
  • You re-write songs, changing the words into ones that have to do with the books
  • You spend hours looking up Tamora Pierce Websites
  • You create a website
  • You are really enjoying reading this
  • You ace your medeival unit in school due to your broad knowledge of it from the books
  • Your screen name or e-mail has to do with her books
  • You have to get the new book the day it comes out
  • You can think of new ones off the top of your head
  • You read Tortallian fan fiction
  • You write it
  • You have fictional conversations conserning TP’s character with your friends for hours
  • You hassel everyone you know to read the books
  • You wish that you lived in Tortall and were best buds with your fav. character

Some visitor submissions:
(from Lady Charlotte):

  • You reread every book at least twice a year, mostly more
  • You Google Image search characters from the book to see if other people imagined them like you do (which is actually how I stumbled across your site)
  • You imagine yourself with Jon, George, Numair, Dom etc etc…
  • You buy merchandise off the internet and insist on using it ALL the time
  • You go on the Tamora Pierce website and find out when her next books are coming out (Numair-the early years!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!)
  • You name your cat Scamp(that was my friend), and consider naming your children after the characters…

Byeeeeee Deeeeeee’ssssssssssss



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