Funny Disney: A 10 Silly Facts about Disney

Hi as you know I’m currently obsessed with Disney and of course the funny little facts too, So I have put together as many facts as posible for you! hope you enjoy!

  1. Even though she is the first  Disney princess Snow White is also the youngest at only 14!
  2. I you pause when Anna runs out of the gates you can see Eugene Fritzherbert and Rapunzel from Tangled!
  3. When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride first opened it had REAL human skeletons! on order of Walt Disney himself!
  4. Aurora from Sleeping beauty only has 18 minutes in her entire movie and 18 lines to accompany that!
  5. Before Frozen Cinderella was the oldest Disney Princess now It’s Elsa!
  6. Speaking of Elsa She was almost the villain! Sorry Hans!
  7. In the little mermaid Part Of Your World almost wasn’t in the movie!
  8. Idina Menzel (Elsa)  Origiannally auditioned for Rapunzel!
  9. Eugene and Rapunzel have the largest age gap of any Disney couple, Eugene is 26 while (of course) Rapunzel is 18.
  10. Hyena biologist sued Disney for portraying Hyenas as villains in Lion King!

I hope this satisfied your fact-wanting-stuff-thingy I have no idea where I was going with that..




pointless facts 1

  1. bottle nosed dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom.
  2. This is a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships. I let you think about that.
  3. there is a twitter acount called Big_Ben_Clock and it tweets “BONG BONG BONG.” every hour and it’s done it since 2009!
  4. 50% of our DNA is the same as a banana. Couch potatoes share 70%.
  5. unborn babies can thumbs up in the womb… AWSOME!
  6. Otters fall asleep holding hands.
  7. Guide dogs can go against their owners orders if they think it unsafe. that is intelligent disobedience.
  8. if you search then search “Askew” the screen goes upside down.
  9. there are not only radar detectors but there are radar detector detector’s and even radar detector detector detectors!
  10. Elephants remember and mourn there dead ones even years after their deaths.

And now you are a little bit smarter yay! someday you may need these facts who knows maybe someone really needs to laugh just show no.2 and no.3 and no.9, that should cheer them up!

Bye Dee’s!


facts 1



Hi people!

this is 20 lies you have probably believed once.

  1. if you cut a worm in half your just cutting a worm in half
  2. viking helmets don’t have horns
  3. bats aren’t blind
  4. Napoleon is the average height for his time.
  5. glass is solid if you see old glass it’s thicker on the bottom some say it is because glass is a really cool liquid. no people were just terrible at making glass back then
  6. goldfishes have more than three seconds of memory
  7. consuming vitamin C won’t repel colds just make the one you have better.
  8. vaccination will not give you autism.
  9. gum doesn’t stay in your gut for longer.
  10. (i believed this one) taste isn’t divided into separate parts it’s mix matched quite evenly.
  11. blood is always red because of the iron in it it’s only blue when oxygenated.
  12. eating an hour before swimming will not make it more likely to drown or get cramps.
  13. great white sharks don’t mistake humans for seals
  14. ostriches don’t stick their heads in the sand to hide from enemy’s.
  15. bulls aren’t enraged by the color red, they can’t even see it.
  16. sharks can get cancer.
  17. daddy long legs aren’t the most poisonous spiders in the world. i actually picked one up once errrggg *shivers*. they can’t harm you because their pincers are to small.
  18. there are no alligators in the sewers.
  19. some people can lick their elbows and nose.
  20. cracking your knuckles won’t make it more likely to give you arthritis. parents made it up to stop you being annoying.

there you go guys!



50 facts about me

Hi Dee’s!

this is 50 facts about me, Dianna.

  1.  i want to be an equestrian, astronomer, author and be in a circus
  2.  i have written a book and i’m planning on publishing it!
  3. i used to have a red henna streak.
  4. i have almost ALMOST no blonde friends except a few girl guide friends.
  5.  i can do bunnys and flowers in origami.
  6. i’m afraid of ants.
  7. i used to hate the colour green until one christmas when i got a green bag and a green skirt
  8. when i was three i watched bolt every morning and once i said:
    me: this is the last day i watch bolt mummy.
    Mum: you said that last week.
    me: i know i was lying.
  9. i’m dangerously obsessed with Peter Pan and How To Train Your Dragon.
  10. i’ve had a crush on a million fictional characters currently it’s Jim from Trixie Belden.
  11. i can sing  almost any  Taylor Swift song ever.
  12. i can juggle.
  13. i think it’s  stupid when ten year old’s have boyfriends.
  14. my motto is: who says you’re not perfect.
  15. i strangely obsessed with old Selena Gomez songs.
  16. i am wheat intolerant.
  17. it takes me 40 minutes to walk to my to my community centre  but i takes me 5 minutes to bike.
  18. i’m home schooled.
  19. i love maths but i stink at division.
  20. if i don’t get to spend an hour on my own i get grumpy.
  21. uneven things like a ton of little oysters on a rock or a rock with a ton of little holes in it make me sick.
  22. i love romance books but seeing kissing in movies and tv shows make me sick.
  23. one of my fave singers is Tracy Champman.
  24. my sister moved away five years ago and i haven’t seen her since Christmas.
  25. i play recorder guitar and i can sing (i may make a singing video dunno.)
  26. i’m scared of my family dying when i’m young.
  27. i had a phone when i was seven and it broke when i was nine.
  28. i’m terrible with a routine.
  29. i have only one book i like with a male lead Deltora Quest.
  30. i get upset when people tell me something i said was mean or something i don’t like being mean.
  31. i broke my little toe when i was three by chasing a pink balloon with a pig face drawn on it!
  32. i have insomnia.
  33. i’m obsessed with gaming.
  34. i talk to myself.
  35. once i dreamed i was dragged back into 1984 by two boys named Scott and Nick and they became my invisible friends like the cockatoo Casy (and i know that’s not how you spell it)
  36. i suck at eyeliner
  37. once my sister gave me make up and i looked like i was punched in the face for two days.
  38. my  fave Aussie artist is Iggy Azealia.
  39. i stink with big touch screens i broke THREE tablets by accident.
  40. i love red lipstick.
  41. i own way to many bags.
  42. i hate squeaky scratching noises.
  43. i hate it when older boys like me, and i know for a fact one does, poo.
  44. i hate advertising.
  45. i’m a Pisces and i have a picture for it.
  46. i don’t sleep with a clean bed it’s always covered with something.
  47. once me and my bro shared a bedroom and our room was so dirty we pulled out the shelf’s on our bookshelf so we had a path.
  48. i get attached to everything i own.
  49. i have a horrid guilty conscious.
  50. if  i get two likes i’ll make a singing karaoke thing.

there you go  fifty things about me later!