my minecraft builds.



My builds all hand built by myself, unfortunately I built them and the server kinda crashed the plot world so I lost it all 😦



Dear Sad people

Dear sad people,
why do you cry, Why do you feel sadness, you don’t have to, what is your sadness about? are you hurt? is your heart sore? is there lump in your throat? are there tears in your eyes? do you feel like dying? who will care? no one loves you, right?

You you cry, not only because you’re sad, you cry because you happy because you’re overwhelmed, not because you’re sad. your sadness may be about anything, being hurt inside and out, but it doesn’t mean you must make others sad, if you feel like dying, think about your friends, think about your family will you make them feel like you? do you want that for them? they love you, I love you if you leave think about them, think about me. I’m not asking you to stop being sad, I’m not asking you to stop being human I’m not asking you to be a doll who wont act human I’m asking you to think about others before you do anything, please don’t change yourself, be human, everyone loves you, I love you and I want you to think about this, thank you for reading, please consider what I say, thank you for considering it. thank you.

I don’t know what possessed me to write this but something did, and this is the results I stand by what I say please think about what I’m saying, because it means alot.