Why my life sucks/rules this week

Hiii Dee’s!

I am just doing this for no particular reason but I’ve realized my life is pretty cool right now:

  • I just became the top player of the month on my fave server!
  • I have a crush on someone on the other side of the world from me…
  • He ships us!
  • I can’t get Undertale and I want it 😦
  • i got to stay in bed aaaallll daay.
  • It’s probably because of my period…
  • My great friend asked if my crush likes me.
  • I had to tell him I like HIM.
  • Everyone thinks he likes me!
  • I have a tooth ache.
  • my tooth is going to fall out and that means $2 for me.
  • my jumper’s itchy
  • I look Fab in this jumper
  • I am sleeping wit ha red towel on my bed.
  • it’s pretty comfy.

So I’m gonna go be weird like I should, I love you so much! Have a fab day!




One thought on “Why my life sucks/rules this week

  1. I have a suggestion for your blog:

    you need a home page, a page with all your posts in order of how recent they are. It’s easy to set up I can help if you want, we can have a blogging date, i’m in the holidays right now.

    xx Planetgeorgia


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