A Guards Tail

I am an author, that means I am good at making stories up on the spot. here’s the story for  Fureka the cute cat girl in the picture in the top, heres Fureka without her armour and her tail out,Cat girl blog.png

Dear Diary,
Today is big, really big,  So big in fact that I needed to buy a diary just to write it down, I am finally in Sun bird rises Guard, I am the youngest and only female guard, Beekio, the bully from training, didn’t pass, I call that karma.
It’s pretty hard to hide I’m a Reekina, but I wear my helmet everywhere so I should be good, not many apprentices want to be trained by a girl, but most apprentices don’t know the Sun Bird Rise even exists.
I have been on day guard on the walls, sometimes the duke will have an emergency and I will go up on other times, it’s really quite simple. I haven’t gotten any problems yet, no theifs no attacks no bandits, but I’ve only been a guard a week, I’ll keep you updated  diary! Later.

Dear Diary,
There has been meat stolen all around town, from fish to beef, and chicken and turkey, The dogs have been on edge too, who knows who the theif is…

Dear Diary,
I have been watching the store sheds on the far side of town, and I’ve found the culprit, Her name is Aries, and she is the mother of two hungry kittens, yes, she is a cat, I named the kittens Pisces and Virgo, I’m keeping the Celestials, which is what I named them. I can understand Aries a bit, an advantage of being a Reekina, Aries told me her name, and asked me to name Pisces and Virgo, that’s why I did.
It’s fun having friends, I don’t have many, I have my neighbor  Juliet, but that’s all. Keep you updated Diary! Later!

Dear Diary,
I have an apprentice, Dajemo, or Daje, (Darj-ae)  He is a few years younger than me, I really like him, he is a really cool guy, very calm, and humorous, he always seems to be smiling, the only problem is he keeps pestering me to take off my helmet, I told him that I don’t like to but he won’t listen, he doesn’t realize that since the Reekina revolution, not many trust my kind. I haven’t had much trouble since the Celestials, I hope I didn’t jinx my luck, oh well, Keep you updated, Later!

Dear Diary,
Daje is great this morning he was very helpful, it’s fun training with him because he is so nice, and we did archery, and he was a great help, setting up targets, picking up arrows, so cool, I feel a bad storm, (That’s a Reekina saying for, I feel something bad is about to happen.) My tail wont stop twitching, it’s hard to hide it when it wont stop moving.
Apart from that Aries and Pisces feel the same way, I don’t know Virgos opinion actually I haven’t seen her all day. I wonder what’s wrong…

 Do you want to see more? I’ll write some more in a new post if you like it.


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