Please see.

I would really like it if you’d check out my wattpad, because I’m writing an original book and I really like it but not many do.

I will give you the prologue  and see if you like it please I would be really happy if you showed it some love!

Cecelia by Dianna,

Once there was a village, this village was called Geceto. Geceto was a village in the island Pefalia.

“Where is Pefalia?” you ask? well Pefalia was an island in the middle ages that sank in the 19th century.

It was a magical place with many humanoid races and mythical creatures.

As one exsample there were elves they were fae, along with the faeries and dwarfs of the north forests and hills.

other races were the “hu”s they were human animal hybrids, their names were depending on the animal, (Hucat Hueagle Hudeer etc.)

They would have distinctive features, like the ones with tails and ears (Like cats and dogs) would have their species ears and tail, the birds ones will have the birds wings on its back like an angel. and snake ones will have a tail of the tail of their snake.

The fish ones will become mermaids in water.

And the very rare mythical hybrids will have very distinctive details. A unicorn hybrid will have a silvery horse tail and matching hair like a mane, and the dragons will have dragon claws and wings, and sea monsters will have the tail like a Husnake and turn to a mermaid like their sea monster.

There were the mythical creatures, Griffins, with feathers of truth. Dragons, with breath of fire. Mermaids, like Hufish but can’t walk on land. sea monsters, deadly lethal, with many variety’s.

There is also magic, a very usful thing, but only for few things, like a healer can’t kill, a protector can’t cook, a warrior can’t heal. and there is witches, which can’t do thing instantly but have more variety, they make potions, their potions can do everything, well whatever their made to do.

Back to Geceto, in this village is a very plain girl, this girl is named Cecelia or Cecey, she is not a fae nor hybrid, she isn’t a magic one, or a witch. she is just a plain girl with a plain life, her parents ignored her from birth so her life is very simple.

No school.

No chores.

Only fun.

so please see it it’s a really nice book if I say so myself, so I would really like it!


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