What to do when you’re angry

I’m back from holiday! I am extremely angry at the moment, I am writing a book and I had just done a lot of work, and it crashed losing all my progress which makes me so upset, and frustrated. and I have been working hard to calm down, currently this is the most therapeutic thing I’ve done so far.

“You can be angry, but what will you do with it?” -DIYanna

What to do when you’re angry

  1. Share your problem with the world, you know, i would never have thought of this before but it feels really good knowing that you have let your anger go to the depths of the Internet and wont bother you again.
  2. meditate, okay sit down or lie down comfortably, then close your eyes breathe in with your nose breath out with your mouth, now imagine your anger a big ball inside you, and let it spew out of you like a fountain.
  3. Write a story, I wont do this because it will be the same story that made me angry in the first place but, write a story of a little boy or girl who was stuck in the same position as you.
  4. Draw, if writing is not your style draw a picture of your anger, you can work out how to do that.
  5. Listen to music, Ii am currently listening to Nightcore and songs make me feel better, I find rock music makes me feel powerful and calms me down faster but everyone has different opinions, it could be pop or classical, but for me it”s rock.

So try those I might make another of these their  very calming.

Bye have a wonderful anger free day!



One thought on “What to do when you’re angry

  1. a good idea would be to post a book chapter by chapter onto your blog. One thing I have is a Wattpad account, I have one @ecrivain0. It’s a site that allows you to read millions of books people have written, lots of fanfics and you can write your own, I am about to finish a book, I have posted and short story and started a book. I love Wattpad I recommend it, please get it we can be friends on it. As for the story that didn’t save, your ideas are still there and most of the time the story is much better when you get a chance to re-write it, new ideas adding to old ones. Please get Wattpad. xx Planetgeorgia


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