Scary story

Okay so I swear you won’t have nightmares from this story I hope you enjoy, it’s called Rap Rap Rap

Once there was a old lady who bought a haunted old house and she lived happily for a long time, until one day (night) she was reading a book  when she heard a noise,

“Rap rap rap!”

she lay there for a while perfectly still and she decided that her mind was playing tricks on her.
then she heard it again as she was falling asleep.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

She knew it was real now so she couldn’t  deny it.
she opened the door slowly.

“Rap, rap, rap!”

she walked out to the hall way following the sound which came from downstairs.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

she walked down the stairs holding tight to the banister.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

she followed the noise to the closet under the stairs.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

In the closet were some drawers.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

she opened the top one there was nothing there.

“rap, rap, rap.”

she opened the middle one. nothing there.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

she opened the bottom one.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

In that draw was…

“Rap, rap, rap.”

Wrapping paper!

So how’d you like that?! I really like this one!  I found this on Scary for kids And there are lots of funny/scary stories and other things and I am not sponsored And I just really like them.

Love you and I am sending you my love!



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