My Weird Dreams

Today I dreamed about two things; first I’ll give you a picture: a large-ish house with two medium brick sheds out back, on the right is a tall building with a weird neon sign, on the other side is a paddock with small growing trees. (Apples)
Now that house is an award show with a whole ton of celebritys. (1D Taylor Swift Demi Lovato Katy Perry Ect.) And I am the only fan there…

So I first walked around helping out a bit then i got a ton of paper and asked for autographs, first (For my friend who asked me to) I went to 1D then I went over to 5sos and Ariana Grande,  and P!nk.
Then I saw Taylor swift Katy Perry and Demi Lovato so I went over to them. (I have no idea why Taylor Swift was with Katy Perry)
And I really love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry so I was obviously very exited. (And not at all shy)
So I went over to Katy Perry first because she was closest and asked her for an autograph then Because she was in between I got Demi’s and they were both really nice and we hugged and chatted.
Then I asked Taylor (Because she is my role model) and I told her she is my role model and I can sing all her songs even the rare ones and expected her to be really nice because everyone says she is, and when i asked for an autograph she just said “No go away.”
And was really rude and I don’t know what I did wrong. But I ended up eating plums with 1D. (And I have no idea why)
And then I had to leave and couldn’t finish my last plum so I gave it to Nial and that was the weirdest part.

Then in the same place I ended up with my grand parents on my dads side and my aunt and some friends and my brother.
so me my friends and my brother (Who we’ll call Austin) were pretending to be cats, and fooling people. We ate cat food and purred but we were still human.
Then we got trapped in the air vents of the neon sign building with the cast from the Annoying Orange TV show and some broken Teddy bears.
Our air vents were getting flooded and we tried getting out (Did I mention we were really small in these air vents?) but we couldn’t but we found an exit and we were stupidly high up  but there was this square pipe thing painted green that we walked along (Still acting like cats.) And jumped off onto the roof of the weird shed, the one I ate plums in, and ran into the house.
There I saw my grand parent arguing with my aunt, my aunt thought I was me not a cat, and my Grand mother was arguing I was just a cat, so me and Austin had to be very careful My friends  decided to show they weren’t cats and prove that me and Austin weren’t either.
First they brought us to a weird farm in the middle of nowhere  with a ton of dogs, and we hissed and swatted. (And i scratched up the car.) And then they brought me into one of the sheds and my aunt said: “Okay I don’t know if you’re a cat or not but please tell me.” And I replied. (shape-shifting into an Oven.) “Oh I’m not a cat I’m an Oven!” And then I woke up.

So guys that was my weird dreams I hope you enjoyed!



4 thoughts on “My Weird Dreams

  1. PLEASE do more posts!!! I love your posts and every time I go on your blog I am disappointed because there is nothing new ever.

    Here are some post ideas:
    – Your skincare routine
    – Your favourite products
    – Your nighttime routine
    – a review on something
    – a recipe
    – A short story, poem or song that you have written.
    – A photography post
    – A DIY
    – A fashion or hair post (look on my blog)
    – A tutorial of something
    – What you are reading
    – Your favourite songs
    – A video of you singing
    – A Art post
    – A room tour video post
    – An organisation post
    – Teach us something
    – An infographic of something
    – An exercising post
    – travel post
    – Share a list of things to do with friends
    – a list of things to do when bored

    Okay I hope you do these, try to do all of them. Please, please do more posts that would make me happy! Love ya! Gx

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