facts 1



Hi people!

this is 20 lies you have probably believed once.

  1. if you cut a worm in half your just cutting a worm in half
  2. viking helmets don’t have horns
  3. bats aren’t blind
  4. Napoleon is the average height for his time.
  5. glass is solid if you see old glass it’s thicker on the bottom some say it is because glass is a really cool liquid. no people were just terrible at making glass back then
  6. goldfishes have more than three seconds of memory
  7. consuming vitamin C won’t repel colds just make the one you have better.
  8. vaccination will not give you autism.
  9. gum doesn’t stay in your gut for longer.
  10. (i believed this one) taste isn’t divided into separate parts it’s mix matched quite evenly.
  11. blood is always red because of the iron in it it’s only blue when oxygenated.
  12. eating an hour before swimming will not make it more likely to drown or get cramps.
  13. great white sharks don’t mistake humans for seals
  14. ostriches don’t stick their heads in the sand to hide from enemy’s.
  15. bulls aren’t enraged by the color red, they can’t even see it.
  16. sharks can get cancer.
  17. daddy long legs aren’t the most poisonous spiders in the world. i actually picked one up once errrggg *shivers*. they can’t harm you because their pincers are to small.
  18. there are no alligators in the sewers.
  19. some people can lick their elbows and nose.
  20. cracking your knuckles won’t make it more likely to give you arthritis. parents made it up to stop you being annoying.

there you go guys!




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