how music makes me feel (with songs to listen to)

Hi Dee’s!

This is a thing i based off a MyLifeAsEva thing (check her out) she did a how music makes you feel. this is how i feel to a few songs. i will name the songs i’m testing on .

Boppy (this is my name for pop)i felt:
cheerful, happy and wanting to dance (i’m using All About That Bass Meghan Trainor and Blue (doo Ba Dee) Effel 65)

Lullaby (if you ever listen to them)

(I’m using Lullaby Goodnight My Angel)Billy Joel )
i felt: sleepy, happy, sweet and childish.

Sad Pop (you know sad songs you really want to dance to)
umm… happy/sad? (i used Like I’m Gonna Lose You Meghan Trainor Ft John Legend)


(I used: Naturally Katy Perry) i felt: Jealous that i don’t have Katy Perry’s voice.

Girl Power (beat us boys!)

(i used: Roar Katy Perry) I felt: POWERFUL!

so there you go you may give me more ideas and i’ll make a no. 2!



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