A totally random post with a lot of things in it.

Hello Dee’s!

this is a very weird post i’m gonna do a story and i’m gonna play the shuffle ipod thing and i’ll show you a silly picture of vampire me.


The Day My Shoes Went Missing:

okay when i was 9 i went to swimming and i you know got undressed and i was wearing white crocs with red roses on them so after my lesson i came in to the change rooms and my shoes were gone i asked the girl in there where they were and she showed me the toilets and there were my SHOES inside the f*****g bowl and oh my glory was i mad. so i told the person at the counter and i got to give her my clothes and three weeks later i dicided that no one would steal my things BOY I WAS WRONG i came in from my lesson and i was wearing black leggings and when i looked for my leggings they were in THE SAME TOILET. so this is my story the moral is leave your clothes in a bag.

the ipod shuffle game thing (i am so good with names)

i shuffle my ipod (or computer music thing coz i don’t own an ipod) and name the first 20 songs lets go!

  1. Simon and Garfunkel – Patterns.
  2. Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up.
  3. Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me.
  4. Taylor Swift – I Almost Do.
  5. Passenger – Needle In The Dark.
  6. Simon and Garfunkel – A Church Is Burning.
  7. Tracy Chapman – Be Careful Of My Heart.
  8.  Katy Perry – Growing Pains. (my smoke alarm just went off)
  9. Bonnie Tyler – It’s A Heartache.
  10. Taylor Swift – I’m Only Me When I’m With You.
  11. Tracy Chapman – Broken.
  12. Billy Joel – Famous Last Words.
  13. Billy Joel – A Room Of Our Own.
  14. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl.
  15. Billy Joel – And So It Goes. (i adore this song and i singing along)
  16. TMBG – Put It To The Test.
  17. Billy Joel – She’s Right On Time.
  18. Simon And Garfunkel – Cecilia.
  19. TMBG – Greasy Kid Stuff (TMBG means They Might Be Giants)
  20. (i picked this one) Wallis And Matilda – Pioneers.




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