What make up I use.

HI Dee’s

as i’ve said before I am OBSESSED with ulta3!

today i bought blush and i love it!!!!!!!

I am going to take a photo of my my makeup box and name everything!

okay number one picture is. my blush it’s ulta3 blush.

no. tow picture is.  lacura barely there cookie candy floss and cream I think…

no. three pictrure is. ulta3 nail colour sizzling red, ulta3 nail colour atomic oj, utlta3 nail colour  show stopper and ulta3 nail colour over the rainbow.

no. three  picture. my home made lip gloss.

no. four picture. ulta cherry wine ulta3 plum velvet ulta3 silver pink. 

no. six  picture.  some sort of lip shine i got from a magazine.

no. seven/eight picture. a paint brush and ulta3 lipliner pink.

no. nine picture.  organic care kids detangling conditioning spray.

the end byeeeeeeeeeee



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