Find a way to paint nails.

hi all ya dee’s.

I am looking at my hands and I’m like “grrrr damn you why can’t I paint my right hand as good as my left”  this is a problem because I can’t afford to get a nail salon, and I don’t live near any. so lets paint nails I love the sizzling red ulta3  I am in love with ulta3 is it just me I get the nail polish and the lipstick and I’m saving up for mascara. my bff Carly got me show stopper ulta3 I love this colour with the red.

so this is my opinion on painting my own nails of course toe nails aren’t bad so yay!



2 thoughts on “Find a way to paint nails.

  1. Hi. what do you mean by the title. Constructive feeback: The titles of the posts don’t match your text, some punctuation is wrong.Could you do your posts longer please?. But apart from the easy-fix errors you have really creative ideas.


    1. Thank you!
      I try to do my best to punctuate, but I might not get better for a while.
      sorry about the titles!
      and I’ll try to make longer posts
      love you for being the newest Dee!


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